I'm a school cafeteria worker.
I cater to a hungry crowd.
I meet all types of people:
The quiet, the arrogant, the proud.
To each my best is appropriate
No matter their status quo.
My kindness might make the difference
In a day gone all wrong, you know.
For it's not just the food that is served here
(Though this is important, too.)
It's the attitude I show in my service
And the little extra things I can do.
Like a smile or a kind word, and courtesy,
To each and every one that I see.
And to give what I'd like to be given
If the one being served was Me!
I don't always succeed in my effort,
But I can start each day anew
To make that day better for someone.
Perhaps that someone is YOU!
Glenna Morris 2/13/1998
Cafeteria Worker, JISD