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Due to the large number of allergies in the district, The Child Nutrition Department will only make dietary accommodations when a doctor completes the Special Dietary Request Form stating that the allergy is life threatening and provides us with suggested dietary alternatives.

Welcome to Child Nutrition! 
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Good nutrition and learning go hand in hand. 

The Nutrition Services department is made up of a team of food and nutrition professionals that are dedicated to students' health, well being and their ability to learn. We support learning by promoting healthy habits for lifelong nutrition and fitness practices.

Meals, foods and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal requirements which are based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines. We provide students with access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet the health and nutrition needs of students.

The Child Nutrition Department of Joshua ISD is a nonprofit enterprise that employs over 60 food service professionals. We take pride in serving our customers a variety of delicious and nourishing meals through our breakfast and lunch program at all campuses, serving over 650,000 meals yearly.

The program’s objective is to improve the health of students by providing a variety of high quality, safe, nutritious foods that students will enjoy eating at a price affordable to them. The menus are planned and analyzed in accordance with federal and state guidelines for proper school age nutrition.

Did you know?

School cafeterias are one of the very safest places that your child can eat.  Unlike some other foodservice establishments, school cafeterias have relatively low staff turnover.  Our lunch ladies are dedicated to their customers, our students, and are loyal to the community.  They are re-trained every year on proper food handling, as well as how to recognize, prevent, and rectify any potential hazards in the kitchen.  Additionally, we use a line of chemicals for cleaning that addresses all health concerns including COVID 19 and is easy for our staff to mix and use.  They receive a monthly safety check from our vendor to ensure that they are mixing chemicals properly, using chemicals they way they are intended to be used, and following health department standards.  The health department also inspects all of our kitchens twice per year to ensure compliance with health code.  

Although our kitchens were already clean and our staff was very well-trained prior to the COVID 19 pandemic, we have made some adjustments to make things even more safe.  Our staff is wearing masks and social distancing.  We are not gathering in large groups for training or meetings and instead are training virtually or in small groups.  All high touch services such as oven doors, cooler doors, etc. are cleaned with a germicidal cleaner repeatedly throughout the day.  We are having students socially distance while in line and serving them food in covered containers as often as possible.  Also, we are sanitizing student ID cards after they are used.  We very much want our parents to know that we care deeply about the safety and security of our students and we are taking the upmost precaution so that we can continue to serve them daily.  

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